Metem Energy Electrical Production lnc. (in short "Metern Energy") was founded in 2002, by investors who had been working in the textiles and tourisrn sectors for a long time.
The rnain activities ofthe share holders were focused on yarn production, yarn and fabric colorings, printing, apparel production and trade. They also dealt with tourisrn investments and operations. *Initially, share holders put their sources together to rneet the electricity demand oftheir plants. Taking into account the requirernents of other neighboring industrial sites, later, the first co generation facilities were planned and realized with higher installed capacity according to the feasibility studies.
We dedicated ourselves to provide clean and non-fluctuating energy to our custorners both in domestic and international rnarkets.
With our professional and financially strong structure, we create our competitive edge by using internationally accepted values such as quality standards, productivity, knowledge and high technology.

Global Energy